The Lost Legends

Dive into the most unbelievable pages of history.

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Wednesday Apr 06, 2022

Medieval theater created a spectacle for the eyes, and everyone in town had a part! Some of these effects were disgusting. Some were inspired. But, no matter what, the theater was always an unforgettable experience. Today I've invited a few theater experts to help us explore the tricks of the medieval stage!

Friday Mar 11, 2022

When you get past the shamrocks and tall tales, Patrick turns out to be one of the most admirable people in all of history.

Sunday Feb 13, 2022

On Valentine's Day in 1779, Captain Cook's violent ways finally caught up to him. But it might have been avoided if he'd thought just a little bit less of himself.   This episode is indebted to the work of Dr. Shino Konishi of The University of Western Australia because of her excellent article on Cook's punishments, which you can read here:   Music: "Ezekiel" by Christine Hand.

Thursday Jan 20, 2022

Shouldn't museums have more mummies? And what happened to all those mummified cats? The truth is...hard to swallow.

Sunday Dec 05, 2021

A mistranslation here, a dead whale there, and, just like that, a legend is born.

Thursday Nov 04, 2021

There's a lot more to the Guy Fawkes story than anarchy and wooden masks.

Friday Oct 29, 2021

All my life I've heard stories about the Marfa Lights, but I never could tell what to make of them. Naturally, I was excited to take the trip and finally see this mystery for myself.

Saturday Oct 23, 2021

Today we'll look at a few more medieval vampires (including the Dog Priest of Melrose Monastery and the Hellhound of Castle Anantis) and learn the best way to kill them (should you find yourself traveling through time need to defend yourself against monsters), and then a word about why I think these monster stories are more than just campy folklore.   #paranormal #vampire #history #medieval

Wednesday Oct 13, 2021

The vampire myth took centuries to form, and this story from Medieval England just might have been the start of it.   #paranormal #vampire #history #medieval  

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